Our Mission is To Operate In A Unique And Excellent Way By Rendering Services To Meet The Specific Requirements Of Our Clients. To Source And Employ Qualified And Dynamic, Human And Material Resources And Technology To Give Competitive Edge In The Market, Thereby Actualizing Our Goal.


To Provide Efficient/Effective Contract Services And To Ensure Clients And Customers Satisfaction.

Our Services

We are the masters of oil and gas engineering.

  • Enable market access
  • Development of business strategies
  • Consulting services
Civil Engineering
Supplier of Safety Materials
Labour Supply
Fields of Activity

  • Oil and Gas pipeline
  • Tank Farm
  • Oil and Gas Process Station
  • Pumping Facilities
  • Loading Facilities
  • Propane Station

Electrical & Mechanical Works
Supplier of Electrical & Mechanical Materials
Storage & Handling

  • Trenching and Lowering-In
  • Bending and Welding Prepare
  • Welding
  • Lower
  • Equipment
Pipeline offshore and onshore
Oil Field Maintenance
We assist in the preparation of packages bids in close cooperation with any client. and partners.
Marine Professionals
Flowline Repairs
General Contractors