Our Services


We carry out our engineering activities hand-in-hand with our clients during the whole period of execution. For different tasks we rely on a pool of associated experts who comply with Temodoug (Nig.) Company Limited (TNCL.) qualities requirements. And they have proved their abilities through many projects in the past.

Our Engineering Activities:
  • Basic engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Drawing plots plans
  • Mechanical, civil and architectural engineering
  • Electrical, process control, and monitoring engineering
  • Communication, data processing and automation engineering
  • Row (right of way) engineering
  • Survey engineering
  • Technical documentation

Our work includes construction management, supply of all required construction and welding machineries.

Our Construction Activities:
  • On-site transport, unloading and storage
  • Earth works, temporary access roads
  • Excavation of the trench and backfilling
  • Bending, preparation of pipe ends and cleaning
  • Assembling and welding
  • Inspection, testing and repair
  • Coating of weld joints and fittings
  • Lowering-In
  • Hydrostatic testing and cleaning
  • Erection of foundations
  • Installation of instrumentation and electrical equipment
  • Pre-commissioning and commissioning support

Corrosion control services including de-rusting of corroded surfaces using sand or grit blasting, painting, pipe wrapping, anode installation and ground bend current control system.


Our company is actively involved in welding, fabrication, installation, erection, laying of pipeline offshore and onshore and repairs of oil pipeline, steel structures, storage tanks, floating and flexible structures.


Enabling market access

Development of business strategies

Consulting services


We assist in the preparation of packages bids in close cooperation with any client and partners. Alongside:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Financial analysis
  • Investment overview
  • Review of financial resources
  • Budget determination for project-bids
  • Cost estimation for project tenders
  • Budget cost structure
  • Workers/personnel salary management